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“Redefining Well-Being as The Highest Form of Equity.”

It is an exciting time in Pierce County! Caring with Compassion Community (CwCC) is excited to have been chosen as the host for the 4th Annual Convening of Innovative Approaches to Manifest Wealth & Excellence (I.A.M.W.E.) Conference on the “Redefining Well-Being as The Highest Form of Equity.” National Tour, celebrating mental health recovery month. We cordially invite you to become a host sponsor. A day of community engagement, panels, food, and fun with Dr. Eveangel H. Savage, Innovator of I.A.M.W.E., Friday, September 23, 2022, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., PST. is planned. It is our hope that you will consider supporting this event with a hosting donation to help defray the event costs. There are some amazing marketing benefits in the sponsorship package. Thank you in advance for demonstrating your social responsibility to the communities you serve. 

Thank you for your contribution to the physical, psychological, and social well-being of our community.​​ We have everything we need in the community to combat the adverse effects of historical and collective violence. Join us and the many community agents as we integrate the tools to build a healthy movement ecology for change. This healthy ecosystem begins with your own personal transformation for alternatives to dominant institutional cultures.


Visionaries across the globe are carrying the torch to mend the broken sectors of community affected by violence against humanity for a more participatory democracy. The POWER of the people to become participatory begins with principled knowledge towards personal transformation to break the cycle of adverse condition.

Healing | Resiliency | Strength | Power



Personal transformation occurs when we heal hurts and take steps toward personal liberation, wellness or enlightenment. In this moment we are able to heal and support those around us.

What is your story?



We have the ability to develop interdependence with one another by building a relational culture. We have a story and an ability to change the narrative with our skills. Listen, connect, and weave a fabric that supports.

Do you have a village of support?


When people do not feel like they belong, they don't know how to act within it. Belonging does not mean one size fits all. We must be a society that we respect the autonomy of individuals to be a culture and not a subculture of a larger society.  Our unique roles build resilience and the capacity to develop alternatives.


What is your strength?

What can you expect?

Marketplace | Engagement | Entertainment | Panels | Food | Fun and Next Steps Towards

Redefining Wellbeing As The Highest Form of Equity

Who Benefits From Building Healthier Communities?

·          Our Children/Family

·          Our Community

·          Our Leadership

·          We stop the cycle of adverse conditions for a healthy legacy.

Culturally responsive practices are imperative for well-being. Marginalized populations have suffered the lack of equity across all domains of life. The only size that fits us is liberating in-culture for joy, freedom, and prosperity, in order to show up with resilience to participate rather than retreat to a state of hopelessness. We must be heard, amplified, and vindicated. 

Who Should Be There?

Individuals | Families | Educators | Providers | NGO Leaders | Program Developers | Ministerial Leaders | YOU! 

I.A.M.W.E. presents opportunities for communities to build healthy ecosystems that reduce harm and increase protection with community partners for change that matters. We are willing to carry the vision. Creating for us, by us, to serve us. 

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